Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This summer has been especially hard on me.  I joke that I have OCD, because I like certain things done a certain way, and when I catch myself being mad for no reason, I laugh it off, claiming my OCD is showing.

But I wonder, have I been like this my entire life and am just now noticing it?

I remember once, when I was younger, thinking that if I went around the house one way (we had a circular floor plan), then I had to return the other way, ala 'unwinding'.  Thankfully, that didn't last long.

In college, I took a loose leaf notebook and alphabetized my entire cassette tape collection.  I later did this with my 45 and LP records.  I have NOT done this with my CDs.  I also kept track of the AT Top 100 every year, and got upset when a friend chose to take a pen and circle her favorite songs.  Couldn't she have used a PENCIL?  Or even taken a blank page and written down her choices?

When we moved to our new home in Paragon, I had *my way* of loading the dishwasher, and yes, would rearrange it if someone else loaded it.  And yes, the family laughed at me.

I HATE the way my hubby hangs his towel.  As a result, it got washed more often, so I could fold it *properly* and everything would *match*.  I also made sure the towels matched, before we got our current bath sheets.

I had my knick-knacks arranged *just so* and my books were in some sort of order.  It really bugged me when the stepdaughter borrowed several of my DS books, then promptly lost them when she couldn't afford her storage locker any longer.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can put my entire book collection on shelves and replace the ones I know are missing.

But since we've been down here, all that seems minor.  It drives me crazy when the kids put back the dishes *out of order*, same with the tupperware/gladware storage containers.  Can't they follow a freaking PATTERN?

Toilet Paper:  I like the rolls to be stacked a certain way, and yes, if the right-hand one has been taken off instead of the left, I'll slide the left one over.

Dishes Washed:  I like them done in this order:  Cups, silverware, plates/bowls, then pots and pans.  My huibby does plates first and silverware last.  So I grit my teeth if he's washing and I'm drying.  So I do them the majority of the time.

Bath Towels:  We have the grandkids staying with us for the summer, and I assigned each a set of towels.  Granddaughter uses hers, no problem.  But I KNOW grandson has showered/bathed, and his towel still hangs there, unused.  I find the bath sheets of other family members down the laundry chute or in the basket, and I KNOW that person hadn't showered yet.  Another issue I find is when my older son comes home to shower.  He seems to do it 50% of the time just as I've thrown his bath sheet into the washer or dryer.  So he uses his old one, that is half the size.  Not really a problem, but it bugs me.  Why?  I'm not sure.

Cups Used:  This one usually only crops up in the summer, when I have multiple kids in my home.  I assign each one their own SOLO cup, with names written on them.  That prevents kids from not knowing which cup they've used and getting out another.  One day every damn glass in my cabinet showed up on the sink counter after dinner.  Why?  There aren't that many people in the house!  Turned out the oldest grandkids kept 'forgetting' what color cup they had, so got out a new one.  GRRRRRRR........

Sugar Packets:  I figured out how many Sweet-n-Lows it took for us each morning, so I set out the appropriate amount, and it bugs me when someone else throws down a handful.

My closet is sort of color-coordinated, and I have everything arranged *just so*.

My kids laugh at me when I text, because I use correct spellings, unless I'm in a hurry to get it sent.  And another thing that drives me crazy is when a certain author responds on FB with 'text-speak'.  "Ur welcome'-ugh!  Can't you type 'you're'?

So what's the verdict?  Do I have a mild form, or is this just my psyche's way of maintaining order in my current chaotic household?

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