Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weird Dream

What did I eat/drink before I went to bed?

I was fine until I got up at 5:30 to put my dog outside.  I went back to bed (when will I learn??) and tried to squeeze in another hour of sleep.

Imagine my surprise when I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7:15, puzzled and slightly icked out by the dream I'd had.

I'd woken up in bed beside Ozzy Osborn, and he'd been a complete gentleman during the night.  We dressed, and a guy who looked like Penn (from Penn and Teller fame) greeted me and the three of us drove to a dilapidated beach house.  We looked through it, discovered the owner either comatose or dead; it was never really explained.  And then Penn alluded to mine and Ozzy's engagement.

I laughed.  "But he's not divorced from Sharon yet!  We can't be engaged!"

That's when I woke up, shuddering at 1) dreaming I'd slept with Ozzy; 2) 'Penn' thought we were engaged; and 3) what the hell were we doing, walking around this guy's house?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Graduation Plans

I can't talk about this on my other blog, b/c I'm not sure how often a friend reads it.  I'm lying through my teeth to longtime friend K, all because of the way she acted 3 years ago at my son's graduation, and it took nearly everything I had NOT to kill her.  My daughter does NOT want her at her graduation or party, and frankly, neither do I.  Here's a little back story:

In 1998 or '99, K came to our house for a visit.  We took her out to dinner, and on the way home, she was tickling my older son and laughing with him.  S, age 3 or 4 at the time, decided she wanted in on the fun, and tickled K, who snapped, 'Don't do that.'

S burst into tears; I calmly stated, "She was only trying to join in; why is it okay for you to tease KD, but not receive it from S?"

She didn't have any response to that, and when we arrived home, she decided to pack up and leave.

Fast-forward to 2010.  I won't bore you with the frustration I had at getting her a hotel room.  I had TOLD her weeks in advance, to get her reservations made.  And then thankfully, a cancellation made it possible for her and N to get a room at the EconoLodge.

Graduation dinner went fine; graduation was fine.  But the next morning, time was tight in order to get the food, decorations, drinks, etc, out to the park.  K and N sat in my living room, not offering to help.  I finally asked if they'd go pick up the guacamole, and they left.

We packed everything into the van, then I realized we'd still have to pick up the cake, and there was no room left.  I told the spouse to go ahead; K and N would be returning soon and we'd follow.

I waited....and waited.  Finally, K and N arrived, and I directed them to the bakery.  They followed me in, and as I'm trying to herd them out the door, K drools over the candy display and asks for a chocolate pretzel, and talking to the owner about various chocolates.  Really?  I need to be at the park in 5 mins; it takes at least 15-20 minutes to drive, and you want a pretzel dipped in chocolate?  What part of 'I'm in a hurry' did you not understand?

We arrive at the park, where thankfully, my mom and aunt were arranging the food and getting everything set up.  K and N get out their chairs and sit down while I jump out with the cake and get it set up.

K's party was a success; and then we packed everything back into the van and K's car.  When we arrived back at the house, K and N once again plopped their plus-size asses on my couch while the rest of us carried things in.  When I finally said something, they got to their feet as the last of it was being brought in.

My mother was incensed, and asked me about it.  I told her I was furious, but needed K to stay out of my way until I cooled down.  I put the leftovers in the fridge, then packed my overnight bag, since I was going home with Mom and Dad to attend the Indy 500.  K and N left at the same time to return to their motel room; as soon as we were on the road, I called my BFF and vented.

"I told you to come down and keep me from killing her!"

"Sounds like you showed great restraint.  I probably would have killed her if you hadn't!"

So when my daughter's graduation approached, she adamantly refused to have a party if K was invited.  So I told K no party.  Then she said she wanted to come for graduation.  So I told her S refused to go through the ceremony, and K and N will not make the trip.

But this poses a problem for me:  I cannot post anything about her party or graduation on Facebook or on my other blog, because N reads it.  I don't know if she only reads it when I promo, or if it's a daily thing.  And I also cannot post pictures anywhere afterward, unless I say it was a last minute change of heart!

So right now, I'm spending this week combing through 18 years of photos for the collage I'm making to display.

And we're praying the rain moves out of our area by Saturday!!