Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gag Me With A Spoon

Saw something alarming yesterday.  A plus-sized author posted pics of herself in a bikini.

Now I'm all for wearing whatever in the privacy of your own home, and by all means, if you feel confident enough to wear said clothing, by all means.

Personally, I lack that type of confidence.  Oh, I'll wear an outfit that I feel perfectly fine in, and my mirror agrees.....until I see a picture and my jaw drops.  Why the hell didn't someone tell me I looked like a heifer before I left the house?  Or suggest another accessory/blouse/skirt/pants/entire wardrobe change?  Oh yeah....I'm the only one in the house with any type of fashion sense.

I think the last time I wore a bikini was before child #1 was born.  I didn't like my poufy tummy, so I covered it up with a good tank suit.  And think I looked damn good back then.  After child #2 arrived, I could no longer fit into that suit, so bought another.  And was fine in that.  But after #3 arrived, and money was tight, I had to buy a regular tank, and am more comfortable wearing shorts over my lower half, until I could afford a better one.

I'm appalled by women of a certain age and weight who try to look twenty years younger.  I don't want to see my grandma in a string bikini, and frankly, neither would you.

So is this just me?  If you have flabby arms, cover them up!  If you can't wear a bra with a certain shirt, wear a cardigan over it.  Layer, for god's sake!

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