Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eye-Roll Moment

Or was this simply a 'blonde moment'?

Opened up my mail a few minutes ago and saw a question which anyone in the industry should know, especially after a year on the chat loops!

'What is a pitch and what is a promo?'

A PROMO is anything which promotes your work: Excerpt, review, interview, new cover.

A PITCH is your posted synopsis/blurb in order to catch a publisher or editor's eye, in hopes they will offer you a contract for said work.

I'll admit, I've been caught asking dumb questions on loops too....but I didn't ask the right questions ahead of time, and mistakes do happen from time to time. But every freaking month??? Give me a break!

Do your homework people!

(rant over....back to work.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Got the shock of my life the other day.

I received a Facebook update in which I had a private message from.......the person who inspired my first book! I nearly fell over while opening it, and again to see he was just curious as to how my life was going. He's happy and accepted my subsequent friend request. He mainly plays games on FB, and hasn't answered my reply, so I guess this means he's not interested in opening up a dialogue. That's fine with me; I had dreamed he'd DIED several years ago, so this set my mind at ease he's doing well, and not demanding any royalties, ha ha!

Have YOU ever suddenly, out of the blue, had a lost love/friend contact you after eleven years of silence? And if so, what was your reaction?