Friday, July 10, 2015

Sad Day.....

My country has lost its mind.

First the Supreme Court ruled Gay Marriage is legal.

Then someone walked into a South Carolina church and killed 9 people.

Following that, an illegal alien shot a woman in San Francisco.

What happened afterward?
-The GLBT community rejoiced, as expected, but now on social media, if you dare to say you don't agree with the ruling, you're slammed/denounce/called 'racist'.

-Someone claimed the Confederate flag was to blame, so all of a sudden, Dukes of Hazard reruns are no longer being shown on TV Land.

-South Carolina caved to pressure and signed a bill yesterday which brought down the Rebel Flag and put it into storage.  I even heard some idiotic talk about digging up Confederate Leaders and denouncing their victories, plus I guess someone even wanted the Stone Mountain Monument removed/renamed/whatever.

Yes, I believe Biblical principles are coming to light.

Suddenly every politician is jumping on the bandwagon, and those of us who WERE NEVER OFFENDED IN THE FIRST PLACE are being told to 'shut up'.

Trump is being very vocal about the issues, and saying things we're all probably thinking, only it's not 'PC' to say so.  Kudos to him.  Maybe he is what this country needs; maybe he's the AntiChrist.  I don't know.  Will he make it to the primary?  Is his sole reason for throwing his hat into the ring just so the views of the silent majority will be heard?

Oh yeah....and Bruce Jenner had a sex change and is now 'Caitlyn' only question now is, why is s/he so UGLY?