Saturday, September 26, 2015


Welcome to Rant #17 (at least by my count!)

We all know by now my beloved publisher closed its doors.  Was I pissed?  Hell yes!  But I soon got over it and learned how to upload my already published books to KDP.  In fact, I can now do it in about half the  time it took me the first time.  Did you catch that?  I learned. 

Yes, it helped I was given back my covers, both electronic and print, in order to make this process somewhat easier.

Then today, four weeks after that fateful day, I came across the above meme on FB.

It pissed me off.

I'll admit, the person who created it has every right to be upset.  But  I'll bet she didn't consider the fact this event we've all seen our friend and former publisher at had to be paid for nearly six months in advance.  So September....August....July....June....May....April....March.....Did any of us have any idea this was going to happen last spring?

I certainly didn't.

So while I'm giving the the ole 'eye-roll' and 'okay, be bitter about this' treatment, I'm also choosing to continue my self-pubbing route, as well as finding another publisher (I have two or three in mind!) for the rest of my books.  I'm also in contact with others who can help me create a back cover for the books I want to get into print.

There is always a choice:  You can be bitter and angry, or you can move on and make the best of it.

I think it's clear which path I've chosen.