Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Edit Rant

Edits arrived and I want to bitch-slap my editor.  Why?  There are sooooo many 'suggested changes' that I do NOT agree with!  Kind of makes me want to thrust my last two books in her face and say 'See?  THIS is how it's done!!!'
-There are so many brand names crucial to my early 80's time period, it literally made me sick to take them out and use their description.  IE:  Nike and Keds shoes; Izod the alligator; Cheryl Tiegs, Calvin Klein, Jordache, and Chic jeans...the list goes on.  And I never realized how many times I used Mountain Dew!  Wendy's.  McDonalds.  Pizza Hut.  Olive Garden.  Chi-Chi's.

-My dates in itallics.  Yes, I jump around in time.  Get over it.  Have you never read any 'epic sagas'?  Not everything has to be a minute-by-minute/day-by-day explanation!!!

-My prologue flashback.  This is NOT meant to be an 'in the moment' scene!  It's a FLASHBACK, written in Omniscent POV, like a glimpse into her private memories.

This is what happens when you don't have the same editor.  This particular one whipped #4 into shape, and now she's trying to edit #7.  Why do I need to regurgitate a scene that has already been described in books #5 and 6?  There's just enough description for the reader to know; it does not need to be retold!

I'm easy to work with, seriously.  And this is only the 2nd time in my 4 year publishing history that I've clashed with an editor.  I don't know if she's messing with my voice or trying to tell it her way, but it's driving me crazy.  And I need to get these finished so I don't have to mess with it while on vacation!  Bad enough I'll be on a review tour that week....ugh!  My family's going to hate me every morning.....

I just want T or A back for the rest of this book!!!