Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Idea:)

I've been having so many electronic failures, coupled with the fact I'm never sure when my boss will let me use her laptop.  I decided to create a blog where I could keep the rough draft of my wip in draft form, and work on them while at 'the office' (I work in a bookstore).  This way, I don't have to carry a flash drive; I don't have to worry about file damage; and all I have to do is remember to copy/paste and SAVE SAVE SAVE on my flash, my documents, and drop box:)

I'm currently on day #2 of revision hell.  I really wish I'd known about the new rules of head hopping; Show vs Tell; no dialogue tags; no 'ing' words (or as few as possible); no adverbs; and POV (which goes with the head-hopping).  Seriously; on page #3 already, my main character enters a room, and her roommates continue to talk for three lines!  If this is in her POV, how does she know what they are saying when she leaves?

Bring back Omniscient POV!!!

I mentioned this earlier, on my primary blog:  I was reading some old Danielle Steele books, and guess who I've patterned my writing style after?

Anyway, I'm headed to bed.  Hopefully I'll finish Ch 1 tomorrow.