Monday, October 13, 2014

OMG...Shut UP Already!

I found out about an 'incident' in our town by accident.  I was curious about someone's opinion and went to their page and scrolled down too much.  Now this issue is gaining momentum and EVERYONE is jumping on the bandwagon.


Because the Powers That Be, or rather, the parent committee who makes up the rules for a specific school event, has decided not to allow the gay community to attend with their same sex partners. And someone who is alumnus happens to be a writer for a popular online magazine.

One of my friends is appalled and is trying to spread the word.  This apparently has caused some backlash and she has been called ignorant, selfish, and jealous.

Another friend found out and thinks the issue means 'traditional' equals the Victorian era style clothing, or that couples will be doing more than swapping spit or dancing suggestively.

If you want to bring your same sex partner to the dance, each take a decoy, then spend the dance as a foursome.  As long as you conduct yourselves appropriately, everyone's happy.  At the stroke of midnight, share a private kiss with your SO, or at least have your decoys BLOCK you from view of any disapproving chaperons.

What?  But I'm being *gasp* hypocritical??

I get the law has been changed.  I also know it was forced on us.  Our lawmakers decided that every county should choose which were going to issue the licenses, and that another lawyer got it stopped and sent to the Supreme Court for appeal.  And our US Supreme Court chickened out and threw it out, simply because they didn't want to deal with ours and 6 other states' issues.  So yes, it has been forced upon us.

We don't have to like it, and we certainly don't have to approve.

But what we DO have is the right to choose how our children are exposed to the issue.

We can accept the fact the GLBT community exists.  They are no longer 'in the closet' or 'hidden'.

It is forbidden in Biblical Law....but so are a number of other issues that are now mainstream.  I'm not disputing that.

Why not have two events, one for the GLBT and the 'traditional'?  Oh wait, that's segregation....

So while I see no answer to this issue, I AM tired of it cluttering up my feed.  I've expressed my views, and I guess that does make me somewhat of a hypocrite.  But do I get angry and throw things if I happen to see a same-sex couple holding hands/kissing?  No, I turn away.  I don't need to see it.

I have gay friends, and there are some gay celebrities I like.  I don't have to agree with their lifestyle, and don't care to have it flaunted in my face.  If my gay friend decides to marry her partner, I inwardly cringe, but outwardly say 'congratulations'.

Because keeping my friend is better than losing her by trying to change her mind or slamming her lifestyle every time we meet.

Friendship, or acceptance, means you don't always have to see eye to eye.  We can agree to disagree.

So back to the event:  If they change the rules and allow the GLBT couples?  The hetero couples can decide whether or not to attend.  Or even decide next year to do something different.

Personally, I hope they don't change it.  But that's my hypocrisy showing.  And I'm tired of hearing about it.

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