Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Smoke And Mirrors???

I've largely ignored the news the past week, and even eye-rolled as I watched the SNL skits about Certain People In Washington.  I stated in the last post that hubby has become an armchair politician, and this morning, had an epiphany.

Is all this media hype concerning a leak, tweet after tweet, problems with confirmations, all simply a case of Smoke and Mirrors?  Misdirecting the media, so they don't see what's actually happening?

DT seems to be largely unaffected by all the kerfuffle surrounding a Certain Brand being removed from stores, firestorms over His Mouthpiece and Chief of Staff.

And as someone pointed out, Dems dealt with Russians too, before they were elected, so why are they so up in arms about DT?  The raids in California were planned way in advance....not just thrown together last minute.  Don't blame DT.  That's on BHO.

I applaud the DNC chair who told his party to 'grow up'.

I'm also proud that only 5 incidents of slamming occurred at the Grammy's.....though I LOVED the 'fake tweet' gag!  But Bey, Busta, Paris, and Katy.....get over yourselves.  Really, 'Pres Agent Orange'? 'Resist' Was it really necessary?  Bravo to the one singer who stood up and wore the Trump Train proudly.  I've no idea who you are, but I'm told your album went to #1 on Amazon on Monday.  Bravo.

I didn't watch the SAGs or the Globes, but was disappointed in one prominent member of Hollywood.  I didn't like her in 1977, and in recent years, I've become a cautious fan, but after the rant onstage after she won, she needs to STFU.