Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shampoo Wars

Why must companies always have to 'new and improve' stuff? Can't they keep well enough alone?

For years I used Ivory Shampoo and Conditioner. Then they decided to combine it. I HATED it. And since I was now a young mother with a baby, and had to take fast showers, I switched to Pantene.

Their 2-in-1 for normal hair was awesome! And when I decided to start color-treating my hair or perming it, I switched to the appropriate formula.

And then we decided to join Quixtar. I tried their shampoo and conditioner, and liked it. But four years later, we could not afford to stay in, so it was back to the store brands.

Now Pantene's 'normal' could not be found. But they has 'Classic Clean' as well as the 'Color-treated' kind. When I had my hair highlighted, I used the softer, color-treated. But otherwise, I used Classic Clean.

Until two months ago. Walmart doesn't carry it anymore, and Pantene now has formulas for Frizzy to Smooth; Dry to Moisture; Flat to Volume. WTH??? I checked at CVS: They still carried the Classic Clean. Thank God!

But two weeks ago, we were in a hurry, and I only wanted to make one stop.

I decided to try Flat to Volume.

UGH! It made my hair feel like it had glue in it!

Then I went to my mom's house for three days. She had the 'Smooth' kind. I used it, and it took the gloppy feel out of my hair. Oh happy day!

Coming home, I decided to try my daughter's 'Color Me Happy' from Herbal Essence. I hated the smell, but at least it didn't weigh my hair down. Convinced the hubby to take me back to Walmart, where I picked up a bottle of Frizzy to Smooth. And tried it this morning.

Success:) I like it!

As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to go back to CVS and buy up several bottles of Classic Clean, if they still have it. Otherwise, I'll lay in a supply of the F-S so I won't be caught in this predicament again.

Until they decide to 'improve' the line again....(eye roll!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Did My Idea Go?

Ever get an idea for a good rant, but no time to write?

I put it off until I could rant in peace....but now it's gone. Maybe it will return...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yada Yada-ing Sex

I was relieved the other day when I attended a chat. For once, the family left me alone, and I could chat in peace with a couple of my friends and potential readers.

And then the owner of the chat loop threw out the question: 'How do you keep sex scenes fresh'?

I thought I was about to take some heat for my answer: I was moving away from the 'in-your-face' scenarios and more into the sensual, 'more-left-to-the-imagination' sort. And thankfully, no one yelled at me.

Am I getting tired of Erotica? I like stories with strong plots. I recently read a book by one of my friends, and the premise had appealed to me ever since I found out about it. But halfway into it, I realized I was skipping over the sex scenes. Oh, I eagerly devoured the first two, don't get me wrong. After all, one girl with four guys? YUM! But as I said, I read the build up to the sex scenes, skipped the actual action, and picked it up after the clean-up. I wanted more of what went on outside the bedroom.

In fact, I did this with one of my own stories. When I initially wrote it, I showed everything that went on once my H/h were alone. But when I reread it last year, I decided to cut out several of the scenes, or at least modify them. Surely sex for the sake of sex wasn't needed; after all, when two people in love tuck the kids in at night, there's bound to be some sort of sexual activity, right? But why have a long, drawn out sex scene when you already know what's going to happen? Now I will hint at it, if they choose to enjoy themselves in front of the fire, instead of moving into the bedroom, or even start in one room, only to move into the other.

I seem to do this at least once a year; tire of reading the sex scenes. Give me plot!

Anyone else agree with me? Or am I just strange?