Monday, April 28, 2014


Just a continuation of last post....I finally finished that book, and while I enjoyed the characters and seeing how they fell in love, it dragged on just a wee bit too much.  I skimmed most of it, looking for a resolution to one of the issues, and was relieved when it ended.

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for the roller coaster of relationships.  But sometimes there can be too much drama.  And boy does this one have it in spades!

Big relief I read it; now onto other books.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another WTH Moment in Reading....

Currently reading an author friend's book and while I'm enjoying the story, I had a 'WTF' moment with one of the characters.  First of all, her reaction to the the new guy in her life made me feel as if I've read this before, and then it hit me:  She's almost an exact clone of B, in series finale, only it doesn't quite end as happily.  I don't know why this author feels the need to get her teenagers so wrapped up in these dysfunctional characters so much they lose their sense of self.  Yes, my characters end up in dysfunctional relationships, but they never fully lose their sense of self.

These two girls end up with their lives centering around their a**holes of men, so exclusively, I'm surprised they don't ask permission to breathe.  The guy snaps his fingers; they fall at their feet.

The adults aren't much better.  I enjoyed book #1, and the fact the H/H got together, broke up several times, then ended up together again.  Book #2 continued the course through marriage-but wait-they didn't get there?  A child was conceived, but insecurity reigned supreme.  Book #3 arrived, and how they learned to coparent and date others, while still wanting to be together, but yet still afraid to explore that option.  I was ready to jump into the story, tear a few heads off, and lock them in a room until they worked it out.  #4 was about siblings, which gave me a nice 'breather', but still drove me crazy with all the complications.  I cried over a death, yes.  And think I've skipped #5 and 6 because I can't stand those characters, nor do I care about them.  I was given the finale, so it was nice to read about their kids and see the adults acting like adults.

This particular H/H was not mentioned, so it is nice to see some back story.  The sister just drove me crazy (and the mother-do NOT get me started on her!  OMG...) if it wasn't for the fact my kindle is only a few months old, I'd have hurled the device across the room.

Sorry; just had to get this out of my system.