Friday, July 11, 2014

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Not sure if I'm breaching etiquette here or not, but I told Company A if I didn't hear news about a project by a certain date (week of 6/28), I was going to consider the project scrapped.  Received permission from Company C (Company B is no longer in business, yay!) to repitch, so I did.

Twelve hours after I re-pitched, an email arrived, accepting my project.

Now I'm torn:  Do I tell A it's been repitched, or do I wait to see if C declines it, then accept A's offer?

As far as I'm concerned, A had their chance, and C's schedule is more timely, should they accept the proposal.

Is this a breach of professional etiquette?  Or am I well within my rights to do this?

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