Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Little Peeved Right Now.....

Woke up yesterday to find this in my inbox:

"It's sad to me that an author feels such a need to rip apart another
author. Writing a book and publishing it takes guts. As an author myself, I
will never be so publicly critical of another author's style. We each have
our own style. It's what makes reading books so interesting - the diversity.

Since I'm required by SCP to follow this group, I have watched these posts
float by before and bit my tongue. I've only once followed the link but get
enough of the jibes just in the blurb posted with the link in this group.
I've tried to say nothing but by saying nothing, am I not condoning authors
being deliberately mean to other authors? I simply couldn't stay quiet any

I've always been proud to be a SCP author but this has me shaking my head.
These posts are awful. All I ask is that we each consider how we treat
other authors. We are professionals and should act accordingly. Or at the
very least, treat others as we would want to be treated. It would feel
demoralizing to have someone rip apart my book like this series of posts
are doing. It just feels wrong.

Just my thoughts... had to let them out.'

Maybe it was just a blow to my pride, since all I ever saw on any of my posts on THIS BOOK (now trilogy) has been 'thank you for saving me from reading this...'  

Just another example of how not everyone 'gets' my sense of humor.

I did write back, and think I handled it professionally:

"Thank you for your input:)

Yes, I 'ripped apart' the first book, practically page by page last year, since other authors were going much more 'in depth' with their criticisms, and other authors and readers were wondering what the fuss was all about. This is the only book I will EVER tear apart publicly, due to a) not wanting be known as 'that blogger who tears books to shreds' and b) I was asked for my opinion by several readers. A lot of people have thanked me for breaking the books down and letting them know how awful it is.

I won't post the segments on this loop again, since it offends you.


But still, this sort of grates on me.  I'm not someone who routinely trashes books; in fact, my Recommended Reads and 4 and 5 star reviews are probably waaaaayyy too many.  If I don't like a book, I say 'good story' on GR, or add it to my DNF list, or don't mention them again.  If I wanted to do this to other authors, it would be sooo easy, but since there are at least three authors whose books are not in my favorite category, or I wonder what the hell inspired them to write that crap, and these authors I also interact with many times in a week, I keep my mouth shut.  Because these authors might read my work someday and hate it, but I'd rather they kept their opinions to themselves, so that's why I adopt the 'if you can't say somethin' nice (about your friends/associates), then don't say nuthin' at all'.  

I have no relationship to the author of THAT TRILOGY, so I'm free to rip her book apart, like so many others have before me.  And I'm not even trashing every single page, like I did the 1st time.  I'm only taking issue with plot or other issues which pull me out of the book.  Everyone knows some of the words which drive me crazy, so I do multiple chapters in a short, sweet post.

And as previously stated, I won't post to that particular loop next week, when I promo the next segment.

Sheesh.  If something offends you, skip over it!  There's a lot of links I click on, see it's not to my liking, and move on.

Another 'gripe' I have is concerning FB posts.  One of my friends posts blatent M/M posts; do I get angry about it?  No; I scroll past.  Another friend is totally pro-Life, while I'm pro-choice.  I simply keep scrolling.  I guess I'm more of a peacemaker than hard left or right.  I've taken flak for my 'Marriage=1 man 1 woman' posts and my more conservative views.  So why do my friends who are more liberal feel the need to take me to task?  Do I challenge you on YOUR views?  No.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression means you have your right to your opinions and I have a right to mine.  It does NOT mean we have to cram our views down each other's throats in order to get along.  We are free to agree to disagree.

Why fight about it?  Is our friendship that fragile?