Saturday, October 25, 2014

Authors Are Readers Too!

Just had my hand figuratively slapped....twice.

My first infractions was when I picked a winner for a release day contest, and being the fair-minded soul that I am, I let pick the winner.  And my winner happened to be another author.

Up popped a comment that she wasn't eligible; this contest was for 'readers and new people'.  So I guess my efforts to win any of the prizes are in vain?

My 2nd infraction was a conversation on on one of my posts.  One of the other authors was curious about my world building, and I guess our conversation went a bit over my time.  I'm sorry; for the first 15 minutes of 'my time', I had to deal with people still commenting on other threads, so *blows raspberry*

Okay, that's a bit childish.

A PM popped up, asking me if she and I would take our conversation elsewhere.  No big deal, right?  In fact, I needed to get off so I can go get ink for the printer.

No, what stung is the fact I got my fingers slapped twice within the span of five minutes.

Now you know why I don't throw release parties on social media.

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