Friday, December 23, 2011

Grow Up!

Received a phone call yesterday.  Again, I didn't have to answer it, but since this person hadn't called on my birthday, and it's so close to the holidays, I opened my phone.  And was regretting it two minutes later.

"Happy belated birthday by the way....I'm sick with the stomach flu.  I need you to come take care of me."  Are you INSANE?  With everything I have to do?  Hell NO!

"No can do.  I'm wrapping gifts and doing last minute stuff.  You're just going to have to let it run its course."

"But my laundry is piling up....I haven't seen you in YEARS.....and oh, have you told E about S yet?"  You have family in the area; I am NOT going to drive down to do your laundry; and the last time I was in town, you couldn't be bothered to return my phone call!  And lately, the only time you call me is when you're whining about something!  So yeah, maybe this 'friendship' is getting a little one-sided....

"Yes, I told her last night.  She told me she was sorry and that she'd pray for us."

"That's IT?  No lecture?  No condemnation?"  OMFG...E has other things to worry about other than her adopted niece being pregnant....her husband's two nieces had kids at 17 also!  She's used to it, sadly enough....just as long as her own daughters behave themselves....."She must be mellowing out."

"Maybe.  Look, I've got to get going; I need to run to the store for milk and toilet paper.  Give me your new address so I can send your Christmas card out....Thanks; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

It's hard witnessing the last choking stages of a dying friendship.  In the past twenty-six years, she's been loyal; funny; supportive; and relieved when she 'came out' to me and I didn't judge her.  I was there for her when her relationships imploded.  I was there for her when her mom passed away.  And in the past three years since she's moved back to her hometown, she's reverted to an almost teenage mentality.

She calls me when she's sick.  When she's having issues with a destructive relationship.  When she's feuding with her family.  Or expecting me to drop everything and come take care of her.

I'm tired of listening to her drama.  I'm tired of her thinking everything's the same as it was twenty years ago. Why is it some people don't seem to grow up?

Sometimes I think the only reason two of my former best friends stay around is because "Hey, Molly's making a name for herself!  We might actually know a celebrity soon!"

And I do have a fear that if I end these friendships, they know too much about things I'd rather not divulge.  Not that I'll ever end up on TMZ or Extra or the tabloids....but my kids don't need to know everything!

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