Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trying Too Hard??

OMG...I actually saw this several months ago, but now our /priest and DRE are bringing it to our attention:  The Catholic Church has 'discovered' our current translation of the Latin Mass isn't 'exact'.  So now, rather than reprint the books (or maybe they are....), Fr. Dave is having cards printed and laminated so no one has to go 'leafing through' the books to find the correct spot.

My questions are, 1)  who cares if it's not an 'exact' translation?  and 2) why can't people find their way through the books?

Okay; I suppose if someone fluent in Latin was 'appalled' at the translation, this would make sense.  And if something in English were translated the wrong way is, say, Cantonese, and enough people were there to complain, yes, I think an uproar would call for a change.

And in defense of the books, we have a large elderly population in our church.  So I understand the cards....and most of the parish remembers when the entire service was in Latin.

But here's what I DON'T get:  It just seems to me this is another attempt to 'get it right'.  As if they don't make this change, every Catholic is doomed from Heaven, simply because they didn't 'do it' the 'right' way.   Let's revisit something:  In order to be saved/get into Heaven, the requirements are:

-Acknowledge Christ died for our sins

-Have faith in God above.

Where does that say anything about the language to use when praying/conducting the service?

And another thing which bugs me:  Before every meeting (at least for parents; no clue if this happens during Parish Council or Finance Committee), we open with a recitation of a printed prayer.  Why can't the leader or Fr. Dave pray spontaneously?  Even when my MIL passed, Fr. Dave led us in the Lord's Prayer (The 'Our Father', they call it).

I just think they're trying too hard.  Lighten up, people!

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