Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh What A Relief...

The book is out; I survived NaNo; and managed not to throttle my editor, nor receive any reprimands from her! I did have one issue which gave me nightmares, and emailed my dilemma to not only my former editor, but a trusted author friend whose been doing this a lot longer than I have!

Author friend agreed with my version.

Former editor made the comment my new editor seemed to be working with a grade 2 editing text book (ouch!). I offered a compromise, and even offered to take the heat if anyone complained about it. She agreed, and the book went into the release queu.

So now it's been out for two weeks; I've ridden the congratulatory wave and been featured on four blogs. I've endured the 'hangover' of adrenaline let-down. I've posted excerpts everywhere, and even emailed my interview to a few people. And sent out my newsletter, and hoping it didn't end up in SPAM folders everywhere.

So now what?

It's one week until my birthday; my other blog has picked up 7 followers, but no one commented on Friday's post. Are people just out shopping and too busy to be online? The chat loops seem to be quiet whenever I pop in, although a few of my posts have generated comments.

Our weather has been frigid, so I've not wanted to leave the house except when I absolutely cannot avoid it. I soooooo want to hop a plane for 50 degree temps or above!

In good news, I only have two more chapters left to edit on Love on the Rocks. This week, I'm going to be busy with cookie baking and preparing for my oldest son's return for the holidays. And trying to figure out a way to keep my internet, phone, and cable on. It's not looking promising.

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  1. I agree about the weather. I am sitting here really wanting some coffee but don't want to go out in the frigid temperatures. A nice 50+ degrees would be welcomed right about now. Good luck with the holiday preparations.